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Randy Licorish – “Ells Man” is a bike legend in his own right. Known island wide as the local rider with a fearless attitude; humble nature and outgoing personality, you will meet no other like him. Ever.


With wheels in his blood (parents met while roller-skating at a Crop Over event) as a youngster Ells always rode his father’s bike. With a desire to ride so strong, at a wooping 8 years old ells decided he wanted his own wheels and then built them. Yes Ells built his own bike!

As Ells skills progressed, his mother purchased Ells first new bike on credit! His family always by his side. But it does not stop here…


Ells is a CHAMPION. And also a bit of a daredevil! Ells has been riding, jumping and tricking on BMX bikes and mountain bikes since he was a child. Ells can also ride a unicycle and excels at Motorcross.


As a teenager and adult Ells has gone on to become one of the most notable downhill riders in the Caribbean region. Motivated not only by his love of riding but also by his mother’s commitment to buy him a bicycle, Ells has never lost a race.

The most prestigious of these wins comes from his triple gold wins at the downhill mountain bike Caribbean Cup in Trinidad and Tobago.


Lastly, we cannot forget to mention that by the time Ells was 13 yrs old he had set up a bike repair shop at his home going on to then become employed by shop owners a short 2 years later. Excelling at creating, maintaining and fixing bicycles for other local riders became a part of who he was and still is today.


The business is family owned and operated. By his side and on his ride is his wife Natalie and their two blessings, Sebastian and Layla.

Ride on Ells. For those of us who know you, we are ALWAYS riding with you.

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