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Bike Caribbean

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Head to the top of the island where the cooling breezes and rugged landscapes meet off the beaten track beaches. We’ll cycle through the beautiful nature paths, hug the breathtaking Atlantic coastline and explore the hidden coves along the way.
North Tour (3 hours)
The East Coast Countryside Tour is a chance to explore the picture perfect postcard side of the island away from the hustle and bustle.
East Tour (3 hours)
Explore the hidden surf spots of the south coast and tap into bajan island culture stopping at some laid back local favourites. We ride casually across the baseline of the island and wind around the quiet beach bays spotting lazy sea turtles popping up between the surfers in the serene turquoise reef breaks.
South Tour (2 hours)
Explore the island by bike and car with a mix of rides and pit stops along the way.
Island Tour (6 hours)
Mix up east coast riding with a hike along the Bathsheba coastline following the path of the old trainline.
Bike & Hike (4 hours)
Starting from your location, We map out a circuit for your custom tour that starts and ends from your location.
Custom Tour (2 hour)